On behalf of the taxpayers of Allegheny County, I am pleased to welcome you to BidAllegheny - the very first on-line electronic bidding auction site for certificates of deposit offered by a county in the United States. Utilization of state of the art technology, in an innovative way, will provide an easier, more efficient medium by which monthly deposits will be awarded. Electronic bidding is designed to enhance and maximize the investment of county funds by providing an impartial bidding award procedure.

Since assuming the Office of the Treasurer of Allegheny County, I have made a determined effort to bring about innovative changes to the Treasury Management Services provided by our internal Investment Department. The introduction of modern business and banking techniques are steps towards that goal.

Your participation in the electronic auction is welcome and much appreciated. Together, we can make strides to benefit all the taxpayers of Allegheny County.


John K. Weinstein

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